Things You Should Know Before Building an Outdoor Kitchen


The benefits that outdoor kitchens bring to homes have made them a popular addition in recent years. Aside from the boost in home value, they increase your usable living space, providing you with the ideal outdoor entertaining area. Holloway Company can help you make the most of this investment. Here are some important things you need to know before planning your addition:



There are three main types of outdoor kitchens you can invest in, depending on your budget. For homeowners on a limited budget, we recommend designing a movable kitchen. This is a smart choice for small spaces, as you can have a cookout one day and a garden hub the next. For more storage space, consider adding a rolling cart with built-in shelves.

If you have more space and budget to work with, a prefab is an all-in-one option that covers all your needs. Its basic setup usually includes an island, a gas grill, and access doors. You can also include granite counters, LED lighting, and a refrigerator to improve your overall experience. Maximize this addition by investing in quality outdoor furniture.

A custom-made kitchen features integrated appliances and plenty of storage and counter space. It also allows you to match your kitchen’s materials and styles to your surroundings. A built-in kitchen has the benefits of a larger layout, in-ground utilities and extensive lighting, although it will probably cost more.


Once you’ve decided on a type, you need to choose the overall style of your kitchen. Traditional-style kitchens usually feature a masonry base made of brick and stone. Create a harmonious look by choosing a material and design that echoes your foundation or chimney. Rustic kitchens, on the other hand, have textured and matte finishes that provide a lived-in look. Enhance this look by choosing stucco and stone for your materials. Contemporary kitchens are characterized by clean lines and polished finishes that give dimension to the kitchen while blending in well with the surroundings.

Working with a professional design-build company like Holloway Company can help you make the most of your project. Call us today at (703) 634-4426 to request a free estimate and design. We serve Reston, Great Falls, Sterling, VA and the surrounding communities.


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