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PDC Swim Spas®

With the installation of a PDC Swim Spas®, relaxation and entertainment is just around the corner. We’re proud to offer the complete line-up of PDC Swim Spas®, allowing our valued customers to find the spa system that suits their needs and lifestyle best.

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Our Best-Selling Spas

With features, technology and innovation that leads the industry, finding your dream swim spa has never been simpler.

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Where Style Meets Innovation

Considering the installation of a PDC Swim Spas®? At Our Dealership, we couldn’t agree more! The regular use of a swim spa can offer many lasting benefits to your home, health and family.

Strengthen, Tone, and Heal

When experiencing the benefits of exercising in a PDC Swim Spas®, the natural buoyancy of water supports the body’s weight, reducing stress on the joints, minimizing pain, and offering one of the most effective workout routines. Water provides 12 times the resistance of air, so as you move, you’re really strengthening and building muscle.

Feel Better, Sleep Better

Water is an excellent base for exercise, providing an anti-stress environment for movement, using the water’s resistance to build muscle strength and flexibility. The warmer water of the swim spa induces vasodilation, which draws blood into the target tissues. The increased blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues while removing cell wastes.

Energy and Cost Saving Operation

Recycle and recirculate, PDC Swim Spas® green-minded energy saving innovation recycles trapped warmed air from pump waste heat to efficiently keep your swim spa warm and ready, regardless of season and at a minimum of cost. Warmed air is trapped within the cavity behind the cabinet walls and the insulated TemperBase floor keeping the plumbing and shell warmed, performing much like a “Thermos”.

Year-Round Enjoyment and Relaxation

A massaging effect is created when your muscles are surrounded by water. Add the water’s warmth and our powerful jet action for a soothing relaxing experience from neck to toes in any one of the PDC Swim Spa® models. Aquatic exercise is a high calorie burning workout aiding in weight control, while renewing energy levels and releasing stress and tension.

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About PDC Swim Spas®

Everything you need to know about PDC Swim Spas®, from the features and technology, to how one can change your life for the better.

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My wife and I hired Holloway to install a patio for us. They did an amazing job! From the initial design process, to the work, and the finished product we could not have been happier. The gentlemen doing the work were pleasant and explained the process as well as answered any questions we had.




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