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Upgrade Your Backyard

Curb appeal

Nothing Counts Like a Good First Impression

The appearance of your driveway and entryway sets the tone for your visitors as they see your house for the first time. They also add to “curb appeal” and can make a big difference in the resale value of your home. Envision the dramatic impact of a red brick or paver driveway!

Holloway Company has countless ideas for beautifying your driveway or entrance in ways that fit your budget and complement the other elements of your landscape design. Consider an entryway upgrade when you are putting in a new patio or walkway.

Entry and Driveway Design

Size does matter. Entryways and driveways should be proportional to your house. You should also consider the style of your home when deciding on a design. Is your home rustic, classic or modern? Depending on the style of home you may opt to go with a circular, straight or curvy entry or driveway. Any of these options will take your home from drab to fab, increasing curb appeal and the value of your home.

Materials Used

There are several types of materials to choose from with special characteristics that appeal to different homeowners and businesses.  Whether if its visual aesthetics, lifespan or low cost, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Options for your entry and driveway materials include:

  • Porcelain
  • Travertine
  • Brick
  • Interlocking Pavers
  • Stone

Visit the Holloway Design Center to discuss options while sampling the various materials. In the meantime take a moment to view our online gallery for design ideas.

Enhance Your Backyard

Patios and Walkways from Holloway Company

Patios and walkways are two primary outdoor features and may include a fireplace, water feature, seating walls, and much more. Choose from a broad range of materials such as natural stone, brick, and pavers for practical improvements that are both functional and stunning.

Holloway Company can help design and build the patio you desire in Ashburn, Leesburg, Great Falls and surrounding areas.

Creating Usable Outdoor Spaces

Adding a walkway or patio to your home is a pleasant way to make your landscaping, garden, and lawn more welcoming and usable. A patio is an excellent area to relax and enjoy the outdoors or entertain guests. A walkway opens up your yard to make every part of it more convenient and accessible. Our patios exceed the industry standard and are backed by a 3-year labor and craftsmanship warranty. Our reputation is staked on every job we build no matter the size.

  • Enjoy outdoor space with convenient access to your house
  • Multiple levels including screened in porches
  • Low maintenance materials
  • Entertain or just relax

A patio can be designed to be an entirely separate outdoor living area or an extension of your home. Based on your needs we can design intricate pathways to private spaces or large inviting areas for entertainment.

Adding Accents and Seclusion

With proper layout and design adding a barbecue or outdoor fireplace to complete the project and enable you to extend entertaining beyond the walls of your home is a breeze. Add a pergolapavilion or tree for seclusion and privacy.

Add functionality and beauty with our broad selection of pavers and stone to create low-maintenance outdoor patio. Contact Holloway Company today at (703) 996-8099. You can also complete an online request form.

Offering Effective Stone Wall Solutions

One of the outdoor design aspects that we find to be of the most value are those elements that offer both a design and functionality benefit. Oftentimes, homeowners err too much one way or the other. They either emphasize function with little thought given to style, or they want to design an elaborate wall that, while beautiful in appearance, does nothing to compliment the unique features of their landscape.

Consider incorporating a fully-functional wall into your exterior design scheme either around a fire pit or to create a planting bed and seating area.

How Stone Walls Can Solve Potential Backyard Problems

Very few backyards don’t have some landscaping or structural element that needs to be either contained or supported. The challenge is finding a way to address those issues while still staying true to your outdoor design theme. Not to worry; we’ve got you covered.

Consider the following potential outdoor problems, and our unique stone wall and support solutions:

  • Support posts and columns: If you have a protruding deck roof or patio cover, then they’ll of course need some form of support. Dress up those posts with full or partial stone veneer.
  • Grass or planter protrusions: As well-maintained as your planter or lawn may appear, it certainly never looks good when dirt or overgrown vegetation finds its way onto your side walk or patio. The answer to this problem is often an edging wall. It can offer you two distinct benefits:
    • Added seating for guests without the need for additional chairs
    • Increased space in which to plant more shrubs and flowers
  • Advancing slopes: If you live on a hill, then the slow advance of the slope in your yard can threaten your landscape design. A retaining wall can keep a slope at bay, while also providing an added decorative element.

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