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The Essential Elements of a Quality Outdoor Kitchen

Summertime offers plenty of opportunities to have family and friends over for dinner. So why not entertain with a backyard barbeque? Everyone enjoys a perfectly grilled steak, smoked ribs, or a cold beverage straight from the outdoor refrigerator while basking in the warm sun or cool evening breeze.

Providing the ultimate outdoor meal can often prove to be too monumental a task for a simple grill to accommodate. Meet with one of our design consultants and learn how Holloway Company can design and install the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Remembering the “Must-Haves”

When coming up with the design for a perfect outdoor kitchen, we typically recommend including the following essential elements:

A Quality Grill

This will serve as the centerpiece of your kitchen. As such, you want a high-quality unit that can stand up to rigors of frequent use. Consider a sear zone and rotisserie option for the ultimate grilling experience.

Outdoor Appliances

Doors and drawers, refrigerators and ice makers, trash, sinks and bar stations all make the outdoor dining experience less hassle and more enjoyment.

Plenty of Dining Space

The idea here is to make outdoor dining more enjoyable. Thus, make sure that you have plenty of area where guests will have ample room to sit and enjoy their meals. Throw in an additional smaller table and/or a few extra patio chairs if needed.


Keep the party flowing with a fresh glass or your favorite beverage

Enhance your grilling space with an added dining table, furniture set or fire pit to your outdoor kitchen design. Such a feature offers the ideal spot for guests to congregate around once the sun goes down.


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