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Holloway Company Projects: About Our Beautiful Custom Porches

Porches are so much more than mere add-ons to your house. When designed and installed with your home’s architecture and exterior landscaping taken into consideration, your custom porch can become a gorgeous, yet relaxing outdoor living space all its own.

Holloway Company is proud to offer a wide selection of porch styles that will make a lasting impression for decades to come. Consider including an integrated fireplace, Sunspace enclosure, heat solution or TV. Choose your style of roofing making it perfect for you and your guests nearly all year long.

Contract with us and receive a rebate to use with our retail division on outdoor furniture. Ask about our hot tubs, spas, and more outdoor living essentials!

Benefits of Adding a Custom Porch

There are numerous benefits to consider when adding a porch to the front or rear of your property. Here are just a few of the many ways a porch can enhance your home:

Screened Porches in Northern Virginia

Most homeowners think of screening their porches for one primary reason: dealing with the insects. A relaxing time outdoors can quickly be ruined if you are too busy shooing away mosquitos, bees and other various bugs. If you are trying to entertain outdoors with food or drinks, protecting your guests from insects can be frustrating, impossible at times.

In addition to providing insect protection, screened porches in Northern Virginia can also add value to a home. With many homeowners seeking outdoor living spaces, a screened porch can make a property more attractive to potential buyers. It also adds usable square footage to a home, which can be especially valuable for those looking to maximize their living space without a major renovation. Furthermore, screened porches can offer privacy and a sense of seclusion, making them an excellent spot to relax and unwind after a long day.

The Solution: Screen Your Porch

A screened porch in Northern Virginia from Holloway Company does indeed keep the bugs at bay. However, the benefits of screening your porch goes beyond pest control:

Outdoor Enjoyment

With a porch, you can experience the joys of being outdoors while still having protection from the sun, rain, and insects. It allows you to appreciate nature and fresh air without being fully exposed to the elements.

Increased Home Value

A screened porch provides inherent curb appeal. Many experienced real estate agents are quick to point out the value in custom-screened porches when showing homes to their clients.

Year-Round Living

Screening your porch in keeps its interior temperature more comfortable, allowing you to spend more time outdoors during weather that might otherwise send you retreating indoors.

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