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Like patios, decks are a popular way to enjoy the great outdoors while providing convenient access to your home. Holloway Company can create a deck of any size or shape, whether it is single or multi-level in height and simple or complex in design. We can even incorporate under-deck dry space, a stone skirt, or the latest paver deck.

As you envision the outdoor living space that best suits your area and lifestyle, don’t limit yourself to a simple rectangular design—think big. Consider multi-level structures, curves, or arches, and even round shapes. Additionally, contemplate the addition of an outdoor kitchen, a wood-burning fireplace, an outdoor television, a hot tub, built-in seating, and privacy screens. Your dream can become a reality. We would love to apply our creativity, talent, and years of expertise to bring your vision to life.

Low Maintenance Custom Decks

Holloway Company specializes in decking built of composite material, such as Trex, Dekorators, Timber Tech, Wolf, Fiberon. Composite decks can be built in creative shapes and last virtually forever. They require no painting or sealing, and will cause no splinters! We specialize in custom outdoor living spaces; with our indoor showroom and outdoor design center you’ll never have to guess the end result. There are so many options to choose from, and we have done our best to put all of your choices on display for your convenience.

Get Inspired With Our Curved Decks Ideas

Curved Decks

Explore Curved Decks

Holloway Company specializes in building beautiful, one-of-a-kind curved decks that stand the test of time. Building a deck with curves is substantially more difficult than building one using only straight lines since lumber is manufactured straight and is difficult to bend without breaking. Holloway Company has years of experience in building curved decking; we use that experience and time to create some truly amazing designs for our clients. Put our expertise and talent to work for you!

Our curved decking can be designed and installed in nearly every kind of shape you can imagine to create a truly unique outdoor living space. Holloway’s craftsmen pay careful consideration to your landscaping, the architectural design of your home and other important features of your property. The end result: a spectacular, custom look and feel to your curved deck that perfectly complements its environment.

Landings & Staircases

Renovate Your Backyard with Beautiful Custom Landings & Staircases

Many homeowners don’t give much thought to their landings and staircases, especially when it comes time for a backyard renovation. Upgrade your staircase today and see how it can make a tremendous impact on the exterior beauty of your house.

Benefits of Custom Staircases and Landings

Get creative and think outside the box with a custom design and installation from a reputable backyard renovation company.

Here are a few benefits to consider:

Strength and Safety

Charm and Beauty

Value and Appeal

Under Deck Spaces

Under Deck Spaces Transformed

While homeowners often invest a lot of planning, time and money in building a deck, the under deck spaces are usually ignored. By neglecting this space you may be missing a golden opportunity for storage or entertaining space. Consider building out the space under your deck instead of leaving it to weeds or other unwanted things living in that space.

Under Deck Space Ideas

If you have an elevated deck that is raised high enough to meet a second-story door, there are several things you can do to create a stunning shaded outdoor area. By working with Holloway Company, you can design an under-deck space that you can enjoy and make you the envy of your neighborhood.

7ft Clearance and Above

Below deck living areas are growing in popularity. By creating living space under your deck the unused space becomes a dry space for all seasons. We create custom dry space systems giving you shelter from the elements and peace of mind. Our dry space systems provide opportunities for bars, gas, fireplaces, outdoor television, decorative lighting and more. Essentially we can create an outdoor room with all the comforts of the indoors.

Less Than 7ft

If your deck is less than 7ft then you should consider mulch, stone or rocks for this space. Stone is ideal for this space since it requires the least maintenance and last the longest. Another option is to create a decorative look with some cheap limestone gravel. You can also lay down a thick layer of mulch which is the least inexpensive option. For more options speak with an experienced professional at Holloway Company.

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