CC on Creating Functional and Beautiful Decks


Before the warmer season comes, consider investing in relaxing outdoor recreational areas. Decks can serve as your outdoor kitchen, spa, or living space. If you’re planning one today, follow these tips from Holloway Company:

beautiful decks

  1. Know your material options. You can find different decking materials on the market nowadays. If you want a maintenance-free and flexible material, opt for composite decks. This material needs no re-finishing or painting.
  2. Make sure you invest in high-quality fasteners. Stainless steel fasteners are ideal options that resist corrosion.
  3. If you want a clean look for your decks in Aldie, Virginia, conceal fasteners.
  4. For more recreational space, consider adding multiple levels. This design also breaks long unattractive stairs.
  5. Surround the deck with railings if needed. Glass or wooden railings add architectural flair to your decks. Keep in mind that some local codes require higher decks to have railings. You don’t have to put railings on decks lower than 18 to 24 inches
  6. When it comes to colors, choose a shade that blends well with your home’s exterior. Your deck builder in Ashburn, VA, can help you choose a tone, so your deck will look like a natural extension.
  7. Go bold with creative shapes. You don’t have to stick to rectangles and squares; you can play with curves, angles, and levels for a unique look.
  8. Add pergolas or umbrellas for shading. You can also attach hanging plants and lights to these shades.
  9. Create a relaxing mood through add-ons. You can place sofas, tables, storage boxes, lighting, and more in your outdoor spaces. Depending on the function that you want, you have the creative freedom to design your outdoor living space.

Follow these tips and you can build a functional and beautiful deck for you and your family. Let Holloway Company help you turn your design ideas into reality. We have been helping homeowners since 1993, providing quality products and excellent service. We build outdoor spaces and offer deck repair in Ashburn, VA, and the nearby areas.

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