Backyard Deck Ideas


Perfect Backyard Ideas

Using a retaining wall to create room under your deck with stone walls, this is a wonderful design to add a whole new element to your backyard. backyard-decking-ideas-curved-path-to-dry-under-deck-room-300x169

Using lighting features, this deck can become a year ’round experience and makes use of valuable space without expanding your deck and causing the design of the home to clash with the deck’s design. Perfect for anyone.

By using retaining walls and hidden water pipes placed correctly, you won’t ever need to worry about rain water getting to your dry under-the-deck room, and can even help to improve your home’s security from water getting into the basement.

We use our own custom built innovations to secure your dry under rooms, allowing for lighting, fans or other electronics to be safely stored and used in all weather conditions.

Decking Off The House

Detached decks are popular because they are versatile enough to be used in a variety of places throughout your yard. When you use a detached deck, you can place other landscaping elements, such as above-ground pools where ever you want. During the planning phase of your next landscaping project, consider adding a detached deck to help create more usable landscaping space.

This decking masterpiece makes use of local land features to create a beautiful flow that doesn’t look out of place at all. The enclosed space below this deck offers privacy and a place to enjoy any weather during the summer or rainy seasons.

Proper lighting of all detached decks helps keep them safe and friendly for any aged guests you may have over to celebrate.

There’s so many options with detached decking. From flat deck space for a pool, or just a place off the ground to majestic homes away from home in the backyard, you can imagine the possibilities of such decks.

Unique Land Features

Adding little personal touches to your backyard can help make things personable and unique to your style. backyard-land-feature-design-statue-300x225

A well-designed deck maximizes your outdoor space while meshing well with your home and surrounding landscape. While the standard wooden platform remains popular, many people are personalizing and custom designing, adding unique features, themes or materials. You can plan a unique deck from the ground up, collaborating with Holloway about structural features, or you can embellish an existing deck with elements that make it more colorful, inviting or interesting.

Beyond your deck’s design, you can incorporate unique elements that make your deck stand out. For example, line the exterior rail of a deck with built-in benches or planters. Or create a centerpiece with a gazebo, arbor, a colonnade or a large fire pit.

A built-in bar made of bamboo and with a straw or rattan ceiling lends a festive feeling. Incorporate natural features such as a trellis covered in vines, walkways or stepping stones that transition from the deck to garden pathways, or living walls grown from wall pockets.

For artistic flair, add a wall mosaic, a bouquet of bright paper lanterns, or a line of Tiki torches. backyard-deck-ideas-tiki-torches-with-pool-and-gazebo-300x201

Unique themes and building materials give your outdoor space color and flair. Create a tropical escape with exotic blossoms, deck canopies and awnings in saturated colors, and dark hardwood elements.

Sample Asian style with a Balinese meditation platform, or go Mexican cantina with party lights strung around pillars, wrought iron accents and terra-cotta planters filled with cacti and other succulents. Distressed and weathered wood recalls a beach house or surf shack.

There are millions and more combinations and possibilities, give us a call at 703-634-4426 or Request a FREE Estimate today to start your dream deck.


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