9 Design Ideas to Create Lively Outdoor Spaces


Enjoy your outdoor spaces more with a well-appointed deck design. If you want to improve your deck’s style, function, and comfort level, you can try these nine design ideas from Holloway™ Company:


  1. Spice up your decks with a pop of color. You can use painted furniture and other décor as fun accents. Make sure you pick a color scheme that will go well with your home’s exterior.
  2. Invest in shades for your decks in Ashburn, VA. This way, you can stay comfortable all day long. At Holloway Company, you can choose from stylish shades, umbrellas, cabanas, and lounges from Tuuci®.
  3. Make sure your decks have railings for safety. We can offer you quality options so you don’t have to compromise beauty.
  4. To add a personal touch to your outdoor spaces, choose an attractive outdoor rug. Aside from keeping decks dust- and dirt-free, they also define zones like dining and kitchen areas.
  5. For added height, you can put tall striking plants on the edge of your decks. For a touch of natural colors, you can opt for flowerbeds or pots.
  6. If you have open decks, you can hang baskets with seasonal plants. You can also put them on your stone walls in Great Falls, VA.
  7. Choose the right fabric to create a stunning look. Our cabanas and canopies, for example, come with curtains and fabric walls that you can pull back when not in use.
  8. You can use screens or treatments to ensure privacy. You can also wire in lights onto the screens to add ambience during after-hour hangouts.
  9. When choosing pillows for your furniture, don’t be afraid to choose prints and bright hues. You should also choose accessories that will withstand long hours under the sun.

Let Holloway Company help you build the deck of your dreams. We offer quality outdoor furniture, hot tubs, grills, and other retail products from top manufacturers in the industry. You can also use them to upgrade your patio in Ashburn, VA.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more deck design tips. You can reach us at (703) 6314-4426 or through our contact form.

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