4 Top Tips for Designing Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen


Having an outdoor kitchen extends your capability from hosting summer backyard barbecues to treating your guests to a multi-course meal at any time of the year.

As your local design-build company, Holloway Company shares some tips on planning your outdoor kitchen.

1. Start With the Floor Layout and Materials

Every good structure starts with a sound foundation. Your outdoor kitchen floor should be strong enough to carry the weight of everything you will put in the kitchen: cooktop, prep station, a covered grill and a rotisserie, among others.

Tile and marble are great for indoor flooring, but outdoors, they may get too slippery. Fortunately, other materials can fulfill this requirement.

You should also factor your appliances’ footprints, so you know how much space your outdoor kitchen will actually need.

2. Consider the Kitchen’s Location

You will do a lot of cooking in your outdoor kitchen, and will thus generate smoke and steam. You’ll need a location that doesn’t waft the smoke back into your home and away from the siding to prevent accumulated soot and grease.

Consider the foot traffic and the amount of going back and forth you’ll have to make if you need ingredients from the pantry. In addition, place the grill and cooktop a fair distance from where your kids might be playing.

3. Don’t Forget the Storage

Just like a regular kitchen, outdoor kitchens require a countertop and storage space. The materials, however, need to be weatherproof, and should be able to withstand outdoor temperature changes. Stone and steel are popular materials for such purposes and easy to clean.

If you want to explore these or other material options, our expert consultants can help you choose from our wide selection.

4. Make It a Relaxing Spot

Just because you’re bringing the kitchen outdoors doesn’t mean it’s all work. You’ll want to hang out with your friends while you wait for your food to get grilled, so a sitting area with a patio cover or a stone roof is essential.

It lets you relax without worrying about the heat from the sun, or getting wet from light rain. We can help you plan it, so every inch of your outdoor kitchen is used to full effect.

Final Words

Embrace the elegance of outdoor dining and the luxury of a kitchen designed by you, for you. Let’s create a place where every dish is infused with the freshness of the open air and every gathering is an occasion to celebrate.

Learn more about our outdoor kitchen services including our wide selection of outdoor furniture. Call Holloway Company today at 1 (703) 996-8099 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. We serve many areas in and around Reston, Great Falls and Sterling, VA.


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