4 Top Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture


Choosing furniture for your patio deserves the same amount of care as choosing interior furniture; it has to be functional, beautiful and most of all, comfortable.

With the sheer number of available options for patio furniture, you’ll probably need some help navigating through them.

Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Make Your Wishlist

Start with a wishlist of the things that you want your patio to be without factoring in the cost or design. Perhaps you want your patio to be an open-air dining area for warm nights or maybe you want a backyard pool party. These requirements will help you with your furniture choices.

An outdoor dining area would require a dinner table, outdoor cooktop and a counter for food prep while poolside recreation would require waterproof furniture.

2. Try the Furniture

Once you have finalized your patio remodeling plans, it’s time to look around for furniture, and the only way you can tell if it’s comfortable is if you try it.

If you’re buying seats, try sitting on them as you would normally do; you should be able to tell immediately if that particular piece is right for you.

3. Don’t Forget Storage Space

If you’re doing more than just lounging on your patio, you will need storage space. For example, kitchen utensils, dinnerware and breakable items need to be put away for safekeeping, while spare blankets and pillows can be kept clean by keeping them stored.

If you have an elevated deck (or are planning on getting one), we can convert the space underneath to additional storage, or as additional living space.

4. Maximize Space With Dual-purpose Furniture

If your patio happens to have limited space, consider dual-purpose furniture.

For instance, ottoman seats help extend your storage space, thanks to its hidden storage compartments. Similar furniture with extra storage space can help clear floor space for easy movement.

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