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3 Great Tips to Transform Your Yard Into Something Beautiful

Holloway Company can help you turn your yard into a beautiful outdoor living space. Our patio furniture, outdoor features, hot spas, fire pits, outdoor grills, and other products and services can transform your space and turn into a backyard oasis. We have over two decades of experience and we will use that experience to help …

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The Features and Benefits of Our Kingsley-Bate™ Products

Holloway Company offers the best patio furniture on the market for our customers. We’ve partnered with industry-leading brands to provide you with stylish, durable, and comfortable furniture, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. One of our partners is Kingsley-Bate™ and they specialize in elegant outdoor furniture. Today, we’ll discuss some of their selection:


5 Things to Consider Before Adding a Patio

Looking to expand your outdoor living areas? A patio might be an ideal choice for you. It helps set up a relaxing environment for family gatherings, seasonal parties, and even intimate candle-lit dinners. Apart from these advantages, a well-design patio also provides a significant boost in terms of value.

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4 Artistic Ways to Build Your Own Outdoor Haven

Design and creativity aren’t just about the indoors anymore. These days, many homeowners build their own outdoor haven through the use of design treatments, beautiful furniture, and other elements. It’s a creative way to enjoy summer without having to book an expensive plane ride.