Simple Ideas To Transform Your Patio


Transforming your outdoor space doesn’t always have to be a massive and expensive undertaking. The right furniture combination and design choices can create a significant difference in the look and feel of your patio. As the leading provider of quality patio furniture, Holloway Company can help you. Here are some simple ideas you can try: 

transform your patio

Bring The Indoors Outdoors

Just because your patio is outdoors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. After all, you want your patio to be as luxe and comfortable as your interior. You can do this by bringing out indoor elements like rugs, couches, and accessories. You can also add personal touches like framed photos, throw blankets, and lanterns to customize the space according to your preferences.

Divide The Space Into Zones

If you have a particularly large patio, maximize its potential by splitting it up into zones for various functions like entertaining, dining, and relaxing. You can give each zone a different theme for a fun and interesting patio. Our design experts at Holloway Company can help you design a patio that suits your style and needs.

Create A Seamless Transition

You can use the same natural materials for your interior and exterior to create a cohesive space. Creating a balanced combination of wood, concrete, rattan, ceramic, glass, or metal seamlessly connects your interior and exterior. Additionally, this gives your outdoor space a laid-back, natural, and collected feel.

Interested in remodeling your patio? Look no further than Holloway Company. We can provide you with quality furniture from some of the best brands in the industry as well as excellent workmanship. We serve Leesburg, Great Falls, Ashburn, and the surrounding VA areas. For more creative patio solutions, call us today at (703) 634-4426. We’ll offer you a free estimate and design.



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