The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Designs


The perfect outdoor kitchen designs

holloway_company_pavilions_outdoor-kitchen-300x200Transform your deck or patio into an entertainment hub by adding an outdoor kitchen to the backyard. Cooking outside is a welcome change from the usual routine, and with the variety of products on today’s market, it is just as easy as to prepare food in an outdoor kitchen as it is in an indoor one.

You don’t need a lot of space for an outdoor kitchen — you just need your space to be functional. It also helps if your outdoor kitchen is close to your indoor one so that you can conveniently carry dinnerware and food items back and forth. Having a covered kitchen might extend the length of time you can use your outdoor kitchen throughout the year.

Next on the list: equipment and appliances. There is an outdoor version for every type of indoor kitchen appliance, but take time to think about exactly what types of prep work and cooking you enjoy doing out of doors before investing in a lot of equipment that you won’t use. The most common outdoor appliances are grills, icemakers, and mini refrigerators. Some require built-in installation which we can integrate into your deck design; others are freestanding and can be moved if needed. And of course, stainless steel has been a perennial choice of materials because of its longevity outdoors.

With the warm weather on its way it’s a good time to start moving lunches and dinners outside. The kids can be as loud as they want, spills are no big deal with some simple cleaning products and the relaxing warm nights help keep the edge off.

outdoor-living-area-kitchen-and-living-room-300x201Even in a small yard, an outdoor kitchen with cabinets for storage space can fit well. Cabinets in an outdoor kitchen allow storage for your grilling utensils, skewers, vegetable baskets and hot mitts, keeping everything out of sight and safe from the elements. If your grilling accessories are stored in outdoor cabinets you don’t have to bring them in and out every time you cook outside. Outdoor kitchen cabinets also are a great place to store outdoor table linens, place-mats and even chair cushions.

Think vertical when working in smaller spaces. If your yard lacks the room for an expansive outdoor kitchen, maximize the space you do have by adding shelves for storage space. Shelves can be an attractive way to display crockery or small pots of cooking herbs such as oregano, basil and other spices.

When designing a seating around your outdoor kitchen, a smaller yard will feel cramped if you try to stuff a too-long bar area into it. Instead of bar seating for four or five, reduce it to a two-seater bar. This can be very attractive in smaller yards. A round table that seats four will fit a small yard better than a rectangular table that seats six to eight. The smaller bar and table settings will allow for better flow and movement through the kitchen and yard.

outdoor-kitchen-space-with-dining-area-300x200Finally, don’t forget space-friendly grills. A too-large grill can dominate a small yard and outdoor kitchen. Work with a qualified outdoor kitchen designer when designing the space. He or she can help you select the right size grill to fit your space and the way you like to cook and entertain.

With any brands, fixed or movable, having an outdoor kitchen is easy. We can help you make the right choices and show you your product before you buy it.

Visit out showroom or get a FREE estimate. We carry very popular and durable ourdoor kitchen brands such as Twin Eagles, Alfresco, Viking, American, and many other lines of appliances.


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