Outdoor Recreational Area Essentials


Investing in outdoor spaces can add more recreational area and value to your home. To get the most out of your outdoor space, it is important to consider some outdoor recreational area essentials, such as:

area essentials

Connection from Your Home’s Interior to the Outdoors

The area should provide quick access from your interior to the outside. We can build a quality patio in Great Falls, VA, that can serve as an extension of your home’s interior efficiently. Expect us to use quality and low-maintenance materials when we build your patio. Depending on your needs, we can incorporate other outdoors features, such as a fireplace, water feature, and seating walls. We’ll make sure it exceeds industry standards; we’ll even provide a 5-year labor and craftsmanship warranty for your peace of mind. You can be sure that your patio will let you enjoy the outdoors more.

Protection from the Elements

We can build patios and decks in Leesburg, VA, that feature beautiful pergolas that will protect you from harsh elements. We can customize it through the addition of fans for comfort, garden vines for natural beauty, or outdoor media equipment for your entertainment needs. As our pergolas are a free-standing structure, you have the freedom to relocate it wherever you want. We can also complement it with retractable canopies for added shade.

Presence of an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor recreational area will not be complete without a kitchen. Our outdoor kitchens in Great Falls, VA, will provide added utility. This will allow you to conveniently prepare and cook meals for your household and guests. When we design your kitchen, we may suggest including other essential elements, such as a quality grill, outdoor appliances, and plenty of dining space. These features will surely give you and your guests an ideal grilling experience.

Do not settle for a few tables and chairs. Let Holloway Company design the ideal outdoor recreational area for your home. Feel free to give us a call today at (703) 634-4426 or fill out our contact form to start your project.

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