Outdoor Living Space Must-Haves


While it’s important to keep your outdoor space protected from harsh weather, it should still feel like an extension of your inner sanctuary. Today, the Holloway Company, the premier provider of outdoor furniture, shares three key components that your outdoor space must have for a smooth indoor-outdoor transition:

outdoor living space must-haves

Practical Features

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, nothing is more convenient than having a fully functional kitchen a few feet away from the dining space. It could have the same furnishings as your indoor kitchen, with sinks, stovetops and lots of counter space. By having these necessary elements, you can have smooth and stress-free gatherings. Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your outdoor kitchen through the color palette and other pieces.

Homey Details

Planning to entertain during winter? No outdoor space will be complete without cozy fire pits for warmth and illumination. You can make this a great focal point for the space by centering your seating area around it. This makes it easy for your guests to enjoy its heat and beauty. Children can gather around for s’mores while you can enjoy the gentle crackle of the fire in the background.

Weather-Friendly Furnishings

Unlike your interior, your outdoor space is exposed to the elements all throughout the year. Whether it’s strong rains, direct sunlight, or snow, it’s important to be prepared for each one. To ensure that your living space maintains its appearance, we recommend low-maintenance materials that are stain-, mold-, and mildew-resistant. We have a selection of beautiful and durable furniture ideal for the outdoors.

The Holloway Company can help you create the perfect outdoor entertaining space with our range of services. From beautiful decks to relaxing hot tubs, we have everything you need. Schedule your outdoor remodeling project with us by calling (703) 634-4426. We’ll start with a free design and estimate. We serve Leesburg, Sterling and the surrounding VA areas.


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