How To Make The Most Of A Small Outdoor Space


With winter fast approaching, you should make the most of the pleasant weather and colorful greenery of fall. One way to do so is by making sure your outdoor space is inviting and comfortable, regardless of how small the area is. In fact, its size should not hinder you from creating an appealing entertaining area.

small outdoor space

Holloway Company, the premier design-build company, shares some tips to help you maximize your outdoor space:

Use Different Kinds Of Seating Spaces

Just because the area is outdoors does not mean you are limited to one type of furniture, especially when it comes to your seating area. Try unconventional choices that also serve as decorative items. Porch swings, for instance, are lovely additions, especially if you have kids. You can even turn it into a focal point by adding various plants or seating spaces around it.

Invest In Dual Purpose Furniture

Unlike your interior, your outdoor space has a limited storage area. Sure, you can keep things indoors, but do you really want to go back inside every time you need something? Instead of trying to cram your essentials onto every available surface area, try double-duty outdoor furniture. A storage bench is an excellent example. The top cushion can come off to reveal a hollow storage area where you can store various throw pillows and blankets.

Create Hidden Storage Spaces

We recommend creating hidden storage spaces if you prefer minimalist furniture but still want ample storage space. This is great for keeping entertainment necessities on hand but out of sight. Storage Ottomans and side tables are great places to start. If you have an elevated patio, you can try creating a storage space underneath for pillows and throws.

Create the perfect outdoor entertaining space with Holloway Company. We can design quality outdoor kitchens and grand pavilions for your home. To learn more about our services, call us today at (703) 634-4426 to request a free estimate and design. We serve Reston, Great Falls, Sterling, and the surrounding GA areas.


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