3 Unique Outdoor Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start looking for gifts that would really make her feel special on her extra special day.

The flowers and boxes of chocolate are all standard gifts, though, so you might want to consider something else this time around.

In this post, your outdoor experts at Holloway Company recommend unique Mother’s Day gifts for an extra special Mother’s Day.

Outdoor Furniture

Your mom’s garden is a haven for nature and a tranquil spot where she likes to relax, so make it a truly liveable space with the appropriate outdoor furniture. A simple rustic bench easily complements the verdant outdoors of your mother’s garden, allowing her to rest and take in nature at her leisure.

You can even take a step further and set up a garden arbor just for her. We meticulously craft and design these wooden structures for both comfort and entertainment. We can customize these according to your space and design needs to bring up the value of your outdoor living space.

An Outdoor Hot Tub

Hot tubs are great outdoor additions, turning an empty patch of outdoor space into a relaxing venue for your family. Your mother will greatly appreciate the inclusion of a hot tub as it’s more than just a thing for leisure and relaxation.

Our custom-built PDC spa hot tubs come with water therapy features with body-contoured seating and targeted massage jets that soothe aches and pains. Give your mother a personalized and private spa with our hot tubs.


This is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Take advantage of our landscaping services to transform her outdoor space into a trendy and attractive space that’s livable as it is attractive. Whether you’re thinking of including rustic features or modernizing the landscape itself, we’ll make sure the outdoors add value to Mom’s home.

Holloway Company offers a range of outdoor furniture to choose from, from fire pits to attractive pergolas. Call us today at (703) 634-4426 to learn more about our services. We serve families and moms in Leesburg and Sterling, VA.


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