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Are you looking for a gift for your special someone? Why not invest in outdoor retail items that last? Upgrading your deck with quality furniture and retail options is one of the ideal and functional gifts for your loved ones. Holloway Company is the top provider of furniture and retail for your outdoor kitchens in Aldie, VA, or other recreational spaces. We recommend these design ideas in upgrading your deck:

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Elevated Decks

If you don’t want to settle with a traditional single-tier deck, then raising it a few levels higher will surely break the monotony. We can provide you with durable composite decks complemented by our high-quality outdoor furniture.

For instance, we can add fire tables, patio furniture, hot tubs, and other outdoor furniture in Leesburg, VA, that will make interaction with your guests more welcoming and relaxing. We can also transform the top-most level into an outdoor kitchen complete with a quality grill from Primo Smokers and other top brands.

Entertainment Area

You don’t have to limit your deck as just an outdoor dining space. In fact, with the proper layout, you can transform it into an entertainment area. For instance, we can add couches, coffee tables, and the appropriate shade while you enjoy watching your favorite show in your television set. You can choose furniture pieces from Summer Classics®, Kingsley-Bate™, and Trex® Outdoor Furniture™.

Pool Area

Having convenient access to an outdoor dining area and swimming pool will let you enjoy the outdoors more. Aside from matching furniture, we can also build you a pool house or cabana where you can change right away for a good day’s swim. A personal backyard resort will make for a functional add-on to your home.

If you need to freshen up your pool, we offer various materials that offer comfort, durability, and safety. With high-quality materials, you can expect a long service life for your recreational space. We can even build changing houses or showers for added function.

At Holloway Company, we use only the products made by top manufacturers to ensure peace of mind. Expect their furniture to be made from a variety of durable materials that come in an array of styles, offering comfort and elegance. Whether you want to spruce up your deck or patio in Leesburg, VA you can expect gifts that last from us.

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