Exterior Upgrade: 4 Deck Styles You Can Try


One of the most vital parts of your outdoor is your deck. It is often the focal point of your backyard, serving as both a decorative and a functional element. Decks styles can vary, giving you the opportunity to create an outdoor space that will reflect your personality.


Before you start your upgrade project, determine how much space you’d need and what its primary purpose would be. Holloway Company lists four styles that you can try for your decks in Ashburn, VA.

1. Party deck – If you want to entertain guests on your deck, then choose a design that can accommodate large groups of people. You would also want a space that can hold the necessary furniture to set up your party deck. Consider adding a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and built-in seating for a more welcoming atmosphere.

2. Contemporary deck – This style is perfect for homeowners with modern and urban homes. You can create this deck using a range of materials, such as low walls and stairs. For a contemporary deck, you can experiment with different color combinations to match your architecture. Stone walls in Great Falls, VA, also make for a great addition to your modern outdoor design.

3. Multilevel deck – This deck often uses two levels, but can have as many levels as possible given there is enough space. You can connect the levels with walkways or stairs. Perfect on a sloped or narrow lot, it can add a great amount of outdoor living space and create a private hangout zone.

4. Detached deck – If you have a favorite spot a few meters away from your doors, consider placing a detached deck in it. This deck is usually isolated from the main living area, making it similar to a patio in Ashburn, VA. You can improve its look by adding a gazebo or creating high landscape plantings around it.

These are just some of the most popular styles available for homeowners looking to give their backyard a new face. Start designing the deck of your dreams with Holloway Company. We specialize in decks made from composite materials, such as Trex. We can customize your deck in creative shapes to make sure they complement your home style. Call us today at (703) 996-8099 or visit our showroom to learn more about our services.


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