3 Excellent Design Ideas for Small Patios


Make the most of spring’s lush greenery and pleasant weather by dressing up your patio. After all, an outdoor barbecue won’t be as enjoyable without a well-designed area for it. Make sure your outdoor space is both appealing and comfortable, regardless of how small it is.

In fact, size shouldn’t prevent you from creating an inviting area. Holloway Company, the leading patio builder, shares these design ideas to help you get started.

Space-Saving Bench

A built-in bench is perfect for small patios because it doesn’t require additional floor space for chairs around your dining table. We recommend choosing a material that reflects or complements the facade of the house for a fully integrated look.

You can add flowers on either side of the bench to improve its aesthetic appeal and tie the look together with the rest of the surroundings.

Bright Colors

Consider having a small patio as a disadvantage? Think again. In fact, smaller patios can offer you a benefit that larger ones can’t, the use of bright colors. Bold shades would be too overwhelming on a large and spacious outdoor area, but when used in small spaces, they can create a stunning effect.

Pair a neutral-colored home exterior with bright patio furniture for a striking contrast.

Open Furniture

Your choice of furniture can affect your patio size, which is why we recommend selecting seats with open backs. These keep sight lines uninterrupted, visually broadening your patio.

To further improve this effect, keep your color palette simple and light. Achieve a rustic and homey look by choosing distressed furniture in natural shades.

As a reputable patio contractor, Holloway Company can help you design and build your ideal outdoor space. We offer high-quality furniture and excellent workmanship to ensure long-lasting and satisfactory results.

Call us today at (703) 996-8099 to learn more about our different products and services. You can also request a free estimate and design. We serve Leesburg, Ashburn, Great Falls and nearby VA communities.


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