Curved Decks


Curved Decking

Decks these days come in so many shapes, sizes, colors and levels it’s no wonder the good life is way better outside. In fact, it’s a life Holloway has perfected with its expertise and innovation in the backyard oasis business. So to help you master the modern luxury deck we introduce our very own systems which allow us to build curved decks and more custom designs.

The design of your house and backyard are often the deciding factors when it comes to selecting a deck shape or the curve in your deck. In fact, it’s a good idea to start the process by deciding whether your deck is a “house deck” or “yard deck.”

A house deck is closer and more connected to the house. A deck that’s raised 4 ft. or more is typically a house deck. A yard deck is more connected to the landscape. It’s generally close to the ground and may incorporate planting beds and other natural features, such as trees and rocks.

In general, house decks look better if they echo the shape of the house, which in most cases is rectangular or square. Yard-oriented porches or decking spaces can take on more irregular or organic shapes.

One exception is half-round peninsulas off a square or rectangular deck — especially when half-round windows are present or when there are natural curves in the landscape, such as trees with rounded crowns or conical shapes. Gently curved deck shapes can also help to integrate a ground-level deck with a hilly terrain.

With the new technology of composite deck boards, and our process bending these boards, curved decks are all the rage.

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