5 Must-Haves of Lovely and Functional Outdoor Spaces


The beauty of your outdoor space is as important as its functionality. With the essential amenities, your deck, patio, or porch can be as livable as you want it to be.

functional outdoor spaces


As the authority in home exterior renovation, Holloway™ Company shares the key features your outdoor living area should have. These five elements turn its design from good to fabulous:

1. Shade

You like to stay outdoors to take pleasure from the sunshine, but not to endure the heat. Our range of pergolas can be the ideal complement to your outdoor furniture in Leesburg, VA.

Unlike ordinary covering solution, the series of joists of this fixture can lend aesthetic appeal to your space. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to include useful features, such as fabric shades, fans, and media equipment.

2. Mini-Kitchen

Dining al fresco is a great facet of home lifestyle. Still, it becomes even better when you have a kitchenette for prepping and cooking food. A high-quality grill, weather-friendly applications, and a sink are some of the must-haves of outdoor kitchens in Aldie, VA.

3. Fire Pit

The addition of a fire pit will make your shaded deck, pavilion, or gazebo a cozy place. A well-appointed outdoor space with a fireplace is multi-seasonal.

4. Pond

The element of water offers more than just a sense of tranquility to your outdoor environment. Its relaxing sounds of a pond, or even a fountain, also helps minimize noise. An aquatic scenery is such a treat to the eye, especially when combined with lush landscaping in Leesburg, VA.

When located in an area that gets about six hours of direct sunlight, this can harbor a variety of flowers and ornamentals. The ambience the pond’s waterfall will let you have your own beautiful backyard.

5. Lighting

To sustain your outdoor living until light, jazz up the area thoughtfully. When placed in strategic locations, lighting fixtures can make the place more intimate. This would be useful for romantic dinners and late-night wines.

Holloway Company offers you a large selection of accessories to bring your dream outdoor living space to life. Call (703) 634-4426 today to schedule your free design consultation and get an estimate for the project or visit our outdoor retail center in Dulles.


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