4 Ways to Add a Splash of Colors to Your Outdoor Space


The dull-to-dazzling transformation of any outdoor living area comes from a dash of colors. It doesn’t need to have a mishmash of hues, but it shouldn’t also be completely monotonous.

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The leading builder of porches, patios, pavilions, and decks in Leesburg, VA, Holloway™ Company, shares these terrific tips on adding colorful touches to your outdoor space:

  1. Contrasting Walls with Overhead

Picking different hues for the porch walls and ceiling is a simple decision with a significant impact. It only takes a subtle shift to add more depth to the space.

You can vary shades from a single color or pair a neutral with a darker pastel. Either way, the refreshing twist defines the borders of the structure.

  1. Coordinating with Landscape Hues

Nature is a great source of home décor inspiration. Matching the palette of the surrounding landscapes of your deck and patio in Great Falls, VA, creates visual harmony. Take the tinges of green and purple of the leaves as the cue for the apt colors of your furnishings.

  1. Combine Solids and Patterns

Mixing solid and patterned designs is eye-catching. The fusion of striped and plain elements should be present, from your furnishings to accessories. Coherence is key; the theme should be present to produce a pleasing effect.

  1. Charm Using Quaint Details

Well-placed unexpected elements are attractive. For instance, an antique work of art could work wonders for modern outdoor kitchens in Great Falls, VA. A random fixture in a deck heavy on coordination does the trick too.

The secret is the element of surprise. The hue should still be consistent, to some extent, to at least another element. This way, it could tie itself to the rest of the décor and not completely go out of place.

Let our experts at Holloway Company help you decorate your outdoor space to the last detail. Schedule your free design consultation and get an estimate by calling (703) 634-4426 today.


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