4 Key Considerations When Investing in a Deck


Building a deck is one of the many ways to extend the comforts of indoor living outside. To make the space into your second “living room”, consider the key factors to plan this home improvement right. The premier deck builder in Ashburn, VA, Holloway™ Company, shares these top considerations for this project:

investing in a deck


1. Yard Slope

First, determine if a deck would make sense for your home. Generally, a deck is ideal if your home has a sloped yard. Otherwise, a patio would be the natural choice.

Nonetheless, having a flat ground shouldn’t stop you from building a deck. In fact, you could have a deck and patio combination. This allows you to increase your square footage and enjoy the best of both worlds.

2. Purpose

What would you want your deck for? Its design and amenities depend on the functions you prioritize. Do you want it for barbeque parties? Perhaps it is for dining and relaxation? Are you also installing a swimming pool?

A deck is a multipurpose area, but you have to decide what those purposes are right from the start. This way, you can strategically pick a perfect location. For instance, you might want to build it near the kitchen if you wish to cook and dine on it.

3. Material

Wood and composite are your two top choices. While the former is traditionally popular, the latter is the currently most sought-after choice for decks in Aldie, Virginia.

Authentic wood offers warmth and old-world charm, but its demanding maintenance requirements can be a concern. At Holloway Company, our composite decks successfully emulate the desirable qualities of wooden boards minus their taxing upkeep.

4. Contractor

The quality and utility of your deck depends on its installer. Not all construction contractors are proficient at decking, so it’s a risky bet to get someone inexperienced.

Hire the top company that specializes in installation and deck repair in Ashburn, VA. Rest assured that we will complete the job with excellence.

Let Holloway Company help you plan everything about your decking project. Call us now at (703) 634-4426 for your free consultation and estimate.


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