4 Excellent Deck Ideas for Fall


The ideal outdoor space is made up of beautiful and durable furnishings. Since they experience more weather-related damage than your interior furniture, it’s important to choose weather-resistant items for them. On the other hand, because a deck is usually prominent, it has a significant effect on your home’s curb appeal. The Holloway Company shares four great ideas for fall-inspired decks that enhance the beauty of your home:

4 excellent deck ideas for fall

  1. Highlight Nature’s Design. With all the beautiful, warm colors of fall all around, you don’t really need to do much to improve the appearance of your outdoor living space. Instead, invest in natural materials like wood and stone to complement the beauty of the scenery.  Wicker is also an excellent choice because of its rustic look and long-lasting beauty.

  2. Add Seasonal Items. A simple way to create fall-inspired decks is by using seasonal items in your design. You can add visual interest to the space by placing groups of pumpkins on different areas of your deck for a touch of the season. The bright color creates a beautiful contrast against the rest of the landscape.
  3. Choose an Inspired Color Palette. Incorporate the landscape into the design of your outdoor living space by choosing colors that complement the colors in nature. This can be anything from using a simple bowl of red cranberries as a table accent to incorporating deep, earthy colors into your tablescape and menu.

  4. Invest in Cozy Seating Spaces. Enjoy the pleasant weather and beauty of this season by investing in cozy seating arrangements for your decks. We recommend neutral colors for the majority of your furniture to let the rich hues of nature take center stage. Add pops of color in the form of decorative items and comfy throw pillows for a cohesive look.

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