4 Additional Features to Enhance Your Exterior


Your home’s exterior is the area of your home that guests will see when they visit. This is why it’s equally important to give the same amount of time and consideration when planning your home’s exterior design. Holloway™ Company offers a range of features that you can add to your exterior to improve its beauty and functionality. Here are four worthwhile investments you can look into:

enhance your exterior

1. Decks

Decks are an excellent way to bridge your indoor and outdoor living spaces. They not only add to the overall aesthetic value of your home, but they also provide additional space for entertaining guests. Holloway Company can design a deck to suit your needs. Regardless of the size, shape, height, and complexity in design, we can build high-quality decks in Ashburn, VA.

We specialize in decking made from composite material. This allows us to build decks in a range of shapes with a long service life. You can also save on maintenance, as they do not require painting or sealing.

2. Patios and Walkways

You can increase the appeal and usability of your landscaping and garden with the installment of a walkway or patio in Ashburn, VA. Patios provide the perfect area of relaxation, while a walkway opens up your yard, allowing it to become more accessible.

Holloway Company offers patios that exceed the industry standard for utmost customer satisfaction. We back this with up to five years of warranty for labor and craftsmanship. Our low-maintenance materials allow you to enjoy the benefits of your new home addition without worrying about their condition.

3. Stone Walls

Stone walls are a great way to solve potential problems while adding to your home’s appeal. If your home features a protruding deck roof, you can support the posts and columns in this area with a full or partial stone veneer. Additionally, creating an edging wall helps prevent overgrown vegetation from ruining the beauty of your patio. Enjoy the benefits of stone walls in Great Falls, VA, and more, when you turn to Holloway Company.

4. Porches

They can provide a number of benefits for your home. Along with increased curb appeal, the addition of a porch provides a cozy place for you to relax outdoors. They also serve as an extra layer of protection for your home’s entryway.

At Holloway Company, we can equip your outdoor recreational spaces with top-notch furniture from well-known brands. You can fill your spaces with quality outdoor furniture and speakers, grills, fire tables and more. With Holloway Company, you can create a functional and beautiful space for your exterior.

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