3 Tips on Designing a Good Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens are a popular home improvement project among homeowners who want to combine two great things, cooking and the outdoors.

If you’re considering adding one to your home, Holloway Company suggests considering these helpful tips:

Create Functional Zones

A good outdoor kitchen should be composed of functional zones. Make sure that you have enough space for different activities like washing, drying, entertaining, cooking, and storing kitchen essentials. If you’re unsure of how to divide the space, consider your lifestyle.

Are you someone who throws lavish parties for big groups of people, or are you more focused on cozy family gatherings? Designing a proper layout can help you work more effectively in the kitchen.

Choose Low-Maintenance Equipment

Being outdoors, your kitchen will be regularly exposed to the elements. We recommend choosing low-upkeep equipment and outdoor furniture that can withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

High-grade stainless steel is an ideal option, as it has an easy-to-clean, sanitary surface. For countertops, we suggest picking materials that can resist grease stains and high heat.

Holloway Company offers quality furniture and materials from industry-leading manufacturers like Trex®, Kingsley-Bate, and Summer Classics. These products are beautiful, functional, and extremely durable. You can trust them to keep your outdoor kitchen attractive and efficient.

Blend Your Kitchen Design With The Landscape

It’s important to remember that your outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home, so it needs to complement its style and landscape. Select colors and textures that match your home’s exterior to create a harmonious and unified look.

As the top design-build company in the area, we can help you choose materials that work best for your home.

Turn to Holloway Company for all your outdoor remodeling needs. Call us today at (703) 634-4426 to start building your dream outdoor kitchen space. We serve Reston, Great Falls, Sterling, and the surrounding VA areas.


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