3 Easy Tips on Picking the Right Furniture for Your Deck


Even the loveliest deck or patio won’t be complete without the right kind of furniture. If you feel like your current ones are already failing to design standards—or just falling apart—the smart thing to do is invest in a newer, better set. Just make sure that your choice can meet your outdoor space’s specific needs.


Holloway Company, your premier deck builder in Ashburn, VA, shares some handy tips on choosing the furniture that best suits your deck or patio.

1. Consider the furniture’s function and purpose. It’s better to invest in outdoor furniture that’s both attractive and functional. Before making your choice, think of what it can be used for. Do you want to add greater storage for outdoor games and décor? Then go for built-in benches that allow you to incorporate a storage space underneath.

If space is at a premium in your backyard, invest in narrow couches that you can arrange across from each other. This can maximize the available square footage, especially for an elongated deck. Additionally, it provides an intimate spot to entertain guests, while still keeping part of the space for walking or standing room.

2. Select furniture that complement’s your deck’s style. If your deck uses a composite that emulates wood, for instance, choose outdoor furniture that offers the same traditional look. Get chairs, tables, and pillows in rich, earthy colors like green, brown, bronze, even soft gold. If your deck has a sleeker, more modern appearance, you might want to incorporate furniture that use steel, glass, and bolder colors. Holloway Company, your provider of quality decks in Aldie, Virginia, employs a team of design consultants that can help you pick the ones that match your space.

3. Go for furniture that optimizes comfort. This involves checking the placement of armrests, amount of legroom, and height of tables. Select furniture that are low enough to comfortably get out of. Invest in couches that aren’t so deep that your guests’ feet can’t touch the ground. In addition, consider tables that are big enough to seat everyone in the household.

When in need of quality furniture to deck out your outdoor space, turn to Holloway Company. We’re not just your experts for deck repair in Ashburn, VA. We also carry a wide selection of outdoor furniture from the leading manufacturers, including Summer Classics, Kingsley-Bate, Gloster, and Tuuci. Our professional design team also ensures that your choice will be the right fit for your space.

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