13 Outdoor Furniture Design Tips to Create Lovely Patios


Your patio wouldn’t be complete without the right furniture. It adds curb appeal, value, and comfort for your outdoor spaces. If you’re in the market for a new set, here are 13 design tips from Holloway™ Company:

design tips


  1. Determine your patio’s function first before choosing furniture. If you want to create an outdoor dining area, prioritize kitchen appliances like grills.
  2. For a patio that blends with nature, opt for local or natural materials.
  3. You can also use large outdoor furniture in Leesburg, VA, for small patios. They can serve as a focal point in your outdoor space.
  4. Brighten things up with mixing and matching colors and styles. Pastel colors add a contemporary look to your patio. You can also stick with neutrals for a classic and elegant look.
  5. Incorporate coffee tables along with stonewalls and abundant fauna to make your patios more French-like.
  6. Create eye-catching details with shades, artistic décor or sculpture, and appliances. If space permits, you can also add hot tubs or spas.
  7. Make your patio more inviting with a fireplace or seating walls in Leesburg, VA.
  8. If you want to save space, push your dining table against a wall and surround it with chairs.
  9. Don’t forget to add décor your patio walls.
  10. Choose materials that can withstand the elements. It also pays to choose furniture that requires little maintenance.
  11. Opt for dual-purpose pieces like an ottoman. This serves as a seating and a storage area.
  12. Wicker sofas and freestanding umbrellas create a natural charm in patios.
  13. Pair cozy sofas with colorful plush pillows and decorative lanterns.

With these tips, you can improve your patio’s look, function, and value. Let Holloway Company help you decorate your patios with our outdoor retail options. We offer quality products from the top brands on the market today. We can also help you with designing your outdoor kitchens in Aldie, VA.

For more design tips, call us today at (703) 634-4426. You can also reach us through our contact form. We’ll be happy to give you an estimate.

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